“We wanted support from a doula after experiencing some difficulties with our antenatal midwifery care. We wanted someone to offer evidence based information and advocate for us when we weren't able to do this for ourselves. In addition to this we had read about the benefits of having a birth doula present during labour: reduced pain relief, reduced labour time and better birth experience.

We chose Lucy because she immediately instilled us with confidence. Lucy is caring, passionate and enthusiastic. 


Lucy took time to explain the birthing process to us which we found really useful. She answered any questions we had and it was reassuring to know that there was someone there to speak to at the end of the phone on a 24 hour basis. She also lent us books and directed us to relevant information. 

Lucy 's personality put us both at ease. She has a very calming influence. Lucy made practical suggestions to support pain management during labour. She empowered us by giving us information and by making sure we were fully informed and involved  in all decisions in hospital care. It felt like we were a team.

Lucy is a unique lady who made us feel empowered and strong during pregnancy and birth. She was a guide, educator, friend and sister to us. It felt completely natural having her present at the birth of our daughter and we both feel, without a doubt, that her input improved our birth experience. 

We would recommend Lucy to anyone pregnant in a heartbeat.”  

- SARa and SCott


"We cannot put into words how grateful we are for all your support, confidence in us and your kindness. We couldn't have done it without you. You made what seemed like the unachievable possible and we had the most perfect birthing experience because of your support. Thank you for being you and being such a star! "





Helen and Gary

"Lucy exceeded all expectations. During labour, Lucy's calm and reassuring behaviour was infectious, not just for me but for my husband Josh too. 

Lucy, Alisa, Josh and Saba.JPG

I felt so comfortable at my most vulnerable. Lucy puts all involved at ease; my midwives also commented how wonderful it was to have her here.

We had a home water birth and due to this being my first baby, this could have been incredibly scary but having wonderful Lucy by my side, encouraging me, supporting me and doing whatever was needed to help it go smoothly made me feel confident I could do it. 

Nothing fazes Lucy and nothing is too much trouble. 

I will be eternally grateful to Lucy for being an important part of the birth of our darling daughter Saba. Her knowledge is endless. I highly recommend this beautiful lady as your doula!"

 - alisa

Hannah B pregnant.jpeg

"How can I even put this into words?! I'm going to attempt anyway... Thank you for everything you did to support me and Dave in the run up to labour, during labour and afterwards. Your role exceeded anything I could have imagined. Thank you for listening and helping me process ALL THE THINGS! Thank you for your wisdom and insight into things about me I would never have have clocked. This honestly doesn't do it justice. Just- thank you. You are truly, truly gifted in what you do. A champion of women, of community, of support and love. So much love and gratitude,"

- hannah and dave


Hannah has written beautifully about her preparation whilst pregnant and birth on her blog. I feature a bit so please do click through if you'd like to read more about how I work.  


"Lucy transformed my birth experience. She was one of the main reasons I had such a positive and natural birth. My husband called her unexpectedly at a very low point in the labour and she drove a long way to be with us.


She was calm, gentle and instinctive, seeming to know exactly what I needed before I asked. She kept me focussed, relaxed, comfortable and, most importantly, looked after by someone with profound experience.  

Quite apart from the support she gave me, she also kept my husband calm, guiding and reassuring him, which, in turn, helped me, too.  I chose to have a hospital birth. Lucy, drawing on her professional experience, knew exactly which questions to ask and what to push for in a fraught and sometimes difficult hospital environment.

Postnatally, Lucy gave me invaluable advice and support in the crucial and daunting first few hours and days with our new baby– particularly around breastfeeding.I truly feel that we would have been at a loss without Lucy. After she arrived, everything seemed to turn around. I cannot recommend her highly enough."

- Charlotte

"Thank you so much for being part of our birth. We are both so grateful for all your support and being with us on the day. You really did go above and beyond all our expectations and made the whole event a truly positive experience. Lots of love, 

- J

"Thank you for everything, your support and advice were invaluable, from our first session with your amazing doula beads, to all the help during the birth and the amazing leg massage! It wouldn't have been nearly as amazing without you and your beautiful light energy, holding the space. We are all overjoyed with the whole experience. Loads of love from us all,"

- C

"Thank you so much for everything- you've been such a valuable part of the epic journey that was C's arrival! I'm so glad that we waited for him and I don't think that would've happened without your wise counsel and shit hot research :) Will happily be recommending your services - and doulas in general - to all who'll listen! Hell, you (and your nuts) even won over the hubby! Much love,"

- S

"Thank you for being there and supporting us throughout the birth of C. Although it may be that I did the whole labour part, you filling up and emptying the pool, putting a wash on, giving me water and staying with me in recovery was priceless. We are so pleased we found you in time."

- C