Lucy the Doula
Lucy the Doula
Birth support in Kent and the South East, England
  • I had such a positive birth experience and Lucy was definitely one of the main reasons I did. As an older mum I had many worries.Lucy was kind and sensitive, open minded and well informed, I would recommend her every day of the week..
    — Andrea
  • Lucy was so mnay wonderful things - calm, positive, nurturing, knowledgable, practical and reliable. I couldn't have asked anything more from her. We wanted a doula who would support us in the way we required at the time. Lucy did just that.
    — Jessica
  • My two younger sons and I owe so much to Lucy. Through her quiet, respectful support, she enabled us to make our birth experiences calm and joyful. I would whole heartedly recommend her.
    — Amy
  • Lucy was absolutely brilliant. I was planning a home birth but in the end chose to go into hospital for an induction after my waters had gone and 4 nights of nothing really happening. Lucy gave my partner and I superb support at our prenatal visits, so much useful information to prepare us and help us make decisions, then when my waters had broken we kept in contact the whole time and she gave me resources to look at to keep me in a positive state. During the birth at hospital she held the sacred space for me, and was a support to my husband and took over water, feeding and massage duties when he needed a rest. She was a brilliant moral support throughout as well giving me words of support just at the right moment, and afterwards she gave me an amazing massage. She also helped us unload the car at the hospital and load it up after so that my husband could concentrate on me. She was our birthing angel throughout. After the birth she continued her high level of support checking in on me making sure I wasn't doing too much and advising on breastfeeding. Lucy has a lovely light energy about her, and brightens up any situation, and has great humour as well as professionalism and is always on hand to help.
    — Clare
  • Lucy has attended all three of my home water births. She has been able to direct me to evidence based information I've required antenatally and post partum to make my choices and then sensitively and gently advocate for these choices on my behalf. She's also done a million and one practical things, from procuring/ filling/ emptying/ cleaning the birth pool to preparing meals, settling toddlers while we've been busy with labour and calling midwives - she's enabled circumstances conducive to three genuine dream births. Having a doula is like the flying first class of having babies, and Lucy is like finding the perfect airline (weird analogy but I'm sticking with it). Can't recommend highly enough.
    — Felicity
  • I personally appreciated Lucy’s warm and empathic approach. She is very knowledgeable and passionate about the job she does, extremely supportive.
    — John
  • Fantastic communicator, unbiased [in the antenatal period]” “fantastic, supportive, caring and kind [in labour]” “wonderful [in the immediate postnatal period]” and “excellent again…very supportive and committed to our birth and journey into parenthood [in the continuing postnatal period]” “I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her to any couple having a baby.
    — Adelle
  • Although it was so close to my due date, Lucy was fully involved and supportive towards my partner and I; we had two face to face meetings and kept in touch via text and email. Lucy sent us very useful and informative information about the birthing process and together we devised a birthing plan. Lucy was always very focused and empathic towards us, especially with regards to my first difficult birthing experience. ...It was during the actual delivery that Lucy was so essential in making my birthing experience so good, it was her instructions to me (to breathe, to relax etc) that allowed me to give birth to our son. Afterwards, Lucy helped with getting breastfeeding started and helping me and our son get cleaned up. I haven’t been ‘put to bed’ since I was a little girl but Lucy did this for me as well! And she then cleaned out the birthing pool while we were fast asleep upstairs. The following morning, my daughter came into our bedroom to meet her new brother (which was what I had pictured happening!). Lucy still kept in touch, bringing us something to eat later that day and then having a couple of follow up visits/debriefs. I’m so pleased that Lucy was part of my birthing experience, I really don’t believe that I could have had such a successful experience without her being present and for this I am very grateful to her.
    — Krista
  • Lucy had a very kind and giving nature throughout the process. She lent us and helped to set up the birth pool (and cleaned it afterwards!). She had an incredible calming influence on my wife and I during the birth and I am sure this contributed to a very successful birth. She visited regularly after the birth, reassuring me when I was worried about my wife’s lochia and recovery, giving sound information and plans of actions if I was worried things were getting worse rather than better. She took on household tasks so that we could concentrate on our toddler and new baby, we felt so well looked after. The thing I was most grateful for was that I had a very supportive friend with me throughout a challenging journey.
    — David
  • We thought Lucy couldn’t possibly be as amazing as *Roz, but we were so utterly wrong. What a dream team these two ladies make! We found Lucy every bit as wonderful as Roz, deeply empathic, intelligent, supportive, kind and understanding with a huge generosity of spirit. She, like Roz, encouraged our absolute autonomy and decision making, whilst always ensuring we were fully aware of all our options. Always holding our hand, but letting us lead the way and supporting us as we developed the confidence to make the choices that felt right for us, sharing experience and information but never being directive. As the pregnancy progressed and I flailed around, ever more fuggyheaded, in unfamiliarly choppy tides of hormones, these ladies were a beacon, guiding me back to my agency, lighting the ways I chose to sail, keeping me afloat. They seemed to appear, like fairy godmothers, at the exact times we needed them most, with precisely the wisdom, calm, support, words, hugs, in fact exactly whatever it was we needed most in that particular moment – whatever bumps in the road we encountered they were always there for us -and the birth was no different… …yes, of course you can birth without a Roz or a Lucy, but if you can have them by your side, why wouldn’t you?
    — Suzannah

2019 availability: For one on one doulaing, I try to take on no more than two clients per calendar month. 

currently I have availability for estimated due dates in April, may, july and september onwards.


Lucy with Groucho Raph.

I became motivated to do this work when an interest in birth generally developed into a fascination about birth as a psychosocial life event. I knew that birth could be good- amazing, even: my own mother had experienced birth positively 7 times (7 children! Give that woman a medal.) But mostly what I heard and saw outside her experience was traumatic story after traumatic story, portrayals of screaming, supine birthing mothers and endemic terror and negativity surrounding childbirth. And I wanted to know why.  After much research and a year working within our hard working and stretched maternity services, it seemed that maybe it was because birth, an event for which a wealth of evidence links level of satisfaction with that of individualised, respectful, emotional support, was too often lacking in a crucial facet of care. My own two, well supported experiences of birth compounded my motivation.  How birth is experienced has profound, long term implications for self -esteem, relationships and mental health, as well as for the foundations of parenthood. It's an important reflection of - and catalyst for change in - our society. It's my privilege to try to make a difference in that. 

I cover North and Mid Kent, occasionally extending to include parts of London. I've worked in hospitals, birth centres and homes in Ashford, Broadstairs, Canterbury, Chelsea, Dartford, Faversham, Folkestone, Gillingham, Margate, Ramsgate, Maidstone, Rochester, Whitstable and villages in between.